Short Stories

The Cat & The Road

I wrote this short story/poem after my cat died. She was my friend and reading buddy for 16 years. When she died I searched and searched for poems and stories that could put into words what it feels like to lose a cat. I had a hard time finding them. Below is my attempt to put it into words. And hopefully someday, somewhere it will be helpful to someone else. If you have any good poems you would recommend please let me know.

Walking on my way to nowhere and everywhere. The road stretches on seemingly forever.

Soon after I’d begun my journey I met a cat. 

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I’m not sure.” I replied. “But I wish I had a friend to walk with me. Then maybe when the sky gets dark, and the air turns cold it wouldn’t be so bad.”

“I’ll walk with you.” said the cat.

So we did.

Presently we came to a mountain with steep cliffs. I climbed and climbed but then I fell.

“I can’t climb anymore.” I said as I lay there on the ground.

“I’ll sit with you.” said the cat.

So she did.

Presently I regained my strength and continued my climb and we came to the top.

“Look at all the world!” I said.

And the cat did. 

“Don’t forget about me while you’re there.” She reminded me. 

“I won’t.” I said and went down into the valley to see the streets of the city.

I lost my way in the city taking in the exciting sights and sounds. Then it grew dark. A storm broke out and I sat huddled in an alley. 

“I wish I had a friend.” I said.

“You do.” said a voice, it was the cat purring at my feet. So we sat in the alley through the storm. 

I continued on my journey once more and we left the city behind. The cat started to walk slower and slower. 

“Just one more hill!” I cried. But there was always another. Presently I looked beside me and the cat wasn’t there. “Cat! Where did you go?”

“I’m back here.” I heard a small voice faintly behind me. The cat lay down by the side of my road.

“This is where I leave you.”

“But the road goes on!” I cried. “See it stretching out forever in the distance.”

“Not for me” replied the cat. “My road has stopped see?”

And I saw her road had finished at a door.

“Will I ever see you again?”

“Someday.” replied the cat as she licked up my tears. “Farewell until then.” and she walked through the door. 

A song that goes well with this story.

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