The Honest Avocado


Who am I?

I am some random person whom you don’t know (thanks captain obvious) and I review books and movies as well as write short stories of my own.

Honesty is my mantra

It is easy to write what you think will please others, even if, like me, you are only a humble little blogger. Nevertheless I strive to only write what I think, and keep my reviews as honest as possible – regardless if I think people will like what I have to say, or agree with it. That said I always try to strike a balance between honesty and kindness. Particularly for new authors, if I don’t have anything nice to say I typically won’t review their book at all. If I ever do, it’s because I appreciate and value their book and think it worthy of my meagre criticism and honest reactions.

Why the blog?

This blog is a place for you to find new stories – be it a book, a movie or a TV show…but mainly books. I also occasionally spice things up with short stories of my own.

I named myself the The Honest Avocado because I like to think I’m very honest, and it is fun and simple…rather like my blog posts. Hopefully it’ll make you smile, or at least remind you to go eat some guacamole.

Stories are my passion.

I mainly review and write fiction, because I think that fiction allows us to learn things that we may not be able to learn when reading non-fiction.

When reading a story you know is fictional, you have more freedom to come to your own conclusions and be objective. There isn’t the pressure to think about a certain outcome as good or bad or anything since everything is fictional. Instead, you can objectively learn from the characters’ experiences and come to your own conclusions.

With history and real life the value is that it actually happened. But with fiction, the value is that is hasn’t happened, but it still mirrors real life (if well written). Since it’s completely hypothetical I think it’s sometimes easier to work through difficult questions and find truth free from the typical constraints of real life. You can sometimes see things that you can’t see in non-fiction. It’s like taking a sandwich and stripping away everything but the bread. Since you just taste the bread; you can see whether you think the bread is well made, without the rest of the sandwich to cover up its imperfections.

That said, I love digging into every unique tale (be it fiction or non-fiction) and finding the goodness, the brightness and the redemption in each one.

Stay Healthy!

I try to stick to clean reads, and books that focus on the act of pure storytelling without unnecessary language, or mature content (except as it relates to relaying historical events).

Favorite Genres I Review:

  • Children’s Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Classics
  • Mystery

Want me to review your story, blog or guacamole recipe?

Please send me an email in the contact section if you’d like me to write a review.

With that said, welcome to my blog!